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Title: Wolf Song
Post by: Martin Gross on March 19, 2011, 01:17:54 pm
Protecting two babies as though they were hers,
A she-wolf is suckling twin boys.
How strange that she'd nurture what any wolf rather would eat,
But these human orphans sing music that stirs
In her never-felt-before joys.
Now Romulus hums grandiose melodies at her teat:
They sound like the start of a great symphony,
A structure like eternal Rome;
While Remus, though lacking his brother's so powerful voice,
Still charms his step-mother, has her sympathy,
And with her has always a home.
Not forced to protect these musicians, she does so by choice.
Her sensitive ears cherish every sweet tune.
She cries her approval--a song
Antiphonal to theirs, complementary, a compliment.
The sun, setting, will be usurped by the moon.
The wolf knows that it won't be long
Before night makes the sun's orange purple, then black. There'll be sent
Packs of ravenous animals that would devour
Her beloved babes, and their notes.
Those beasts wish to silence her sons: they'd have their howls the lords
Of the night, for those brutes would change sweet into sour.
She won't let them, for she ever dotes
On her boys; so together, the three of them sing, and their chords
Will drown out the growls of those envious brutes.
These babies love their foster mother,
And they will remember that she-wolf's attentive, big ears.
Without her, those babes would be forgotten mutes.
Her song is akin to no other,
For no mother loves as she's loved them, or hears as she hears.